Math’s Material


Math’s materials include

  • Learn numbers
  • Count 1 – 100
  • Count numbers up and down
  • Add 3 numbers
  • Digital clock
  • Match the following
  • Roman numbers
  • Shapes
  • Simple addition
  • Simple Subtraction
  • Thermometer
  • Value models
  • Venn diagram
  • Which one hold less or more

Math’s materials – 80+ Worksheets for your kid



Day 1 – Introduction to the Finger Maths method. Helping Kids to recognize numbers using fingers, counting number’s using the finger Maths method.

Day 2 – Counting single- and double-digit numbers using the Finger method. Addition and Subtraction introduction using the Finger method.

Day 3 – Introduction to addition of complex numbers, addition of numbers by now should be easy. (By now kids will be able to add and subtract simple numbers using the fingers).

Day 4 – Introduction to Subtraction of complex numbers, subtraction of numbers should be easy by now.

Day 5 – Sharing tips and techniques to use the finger method. Recap of Day 1 to Day 4. Clearing the doubts and queries.


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